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The World Within

Ali Agharabi

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Cloudy Is My Home



Cloudy is my home
The entire earth is cloudy too.
From the top of the mountain pass; busted, beaten and drunk
the wind whirls downward.
The world is overwhelmed by it
And so are my senses!
You, piper, who has strayed from the road,
where are you?
Cloudy is my home
but the clouds are on the verge of weeping.
I dream of those lost bright days
that slipped through my fingers
I look at the vastness of the sea.
And the world broken, beaten by the wind.
And on the road, the piper continues to play
In this cloud-filled world
His road stretching out before him.



                                         — Nima Yooshij 


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Ali Agharabi was born in 1975 in Tehran. He began his passion for photography in 1991 and started working professionally in the press in 1997. He went to work as a photographic reporter for various Iranian newspapers and in cooperation with the Iranian News Agency. From 2009 until the present, he has worked as a freelance photographer.



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