The Valley Of Theater

                           Massimiliano Gaglio

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The Gran San Bernardo's Valley, also known as Coumbra Freida, due to the icy winds blowing in the winter season, is located in Northern Italy, precisely in Valle d'Aosta.


In January and February, the local residents take part in the carnival, trying to overcome the sadness and coldness of the season. During the celebrations, they remember the passage of Napoleon's troops through the San Bernardo's pass.


The used costumes are an allegoric transposition of the uniforms of French soldiers, who sowed terror in the area in May of 1800. To dispel those events, the inhabitants of the valley put up a very peculiar parade, making their way through all the valley's villages. 


The objective of this project, still ongoing, is to describe this celebration, full of culture, warmth and fascination, but one that is also very melancholic.

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Photographs ©2014-2019 by Massimiliano Gaglio    

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Massimiliano Gaglio was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1975. His interest in photography began in the mid-1990s. With time, this simple passion evolved into a true need: to describe, in its own peculiar way, an Italian social and cultural context. Massimiliano believes that passion and feelings are essential elements of photographic language. A few years ago he moved to Northern Italy where he now works as a school teacher, having brought along his teaching with his passion for photography.


All Photographs © 2014-2019 by Massimiliano Gaglio  








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