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Nicoleta Gabor

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"There are many photographs that are burnt into my soul, the ones that will never assume a shape. These are the very dark ones, which come with me everywhere I go. Still, I’m able to see the beauty in a smile, a gesture, in the blowing wind, in the snow, in a sound and, of course, in the light. 

— Nicoleta Gabor   


 All Photographs © 2024 Nicoleta Gabor  

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"I do photography from instinct.



"I do photography from instinct. For me it is a must do, a way I can express myself. I don’t want to tell the viewer what to see or feel while looking at my photographs. The point is to feel something in his or her own way, between one's own limits. If one of my images remains printed on a single retina then it is worth it."



"I do photography from instinct.  

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