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Fabio Sgroi                 


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"Photography is a form of discipline. One must follow his or her instinct and at the same time feel a sense of absolute freedom, allowing one to get close to the subject without interfering with it. 

It is quite difficult to successfully produce images that endure the test of time (the so-called "good" photos). We are continuously exposed to a kind of visual contamination that obscures our perception. The photographer is on a perpetual quest to take in everything that comes into sight, digest it, and then represent it from a personal point of view."


                                                                              — Fabio Sgroi

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"This project is about the continuous changes experienced by the people of the Balkans over the last several years, and about the complexity of the human condition during the region’s transition toward democracy. It’s a personal view of the tensions and the contradictions occurring there.


I started my journey in 2004 from Istanbul to capture the influence of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. I continued in subsequent years by visiting different cities and surroundings in 'Albania, Bosnia, Bucharest, Croatia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sofia, Serbia, Skopje, and Thessaloniki.


I call this project 'Passage' because I see my journey as a passage toward the historical influence of the Turks as well as the various conflicts between ethnicities and cultures, their entrance into the European Community, and discovering the people's hopes in playing a part in whatever other plans the future holds for Eastern Europe."          


                                                                              – Fabio Sgroi




Past Euphoria 

Fabio Sgroi

               All Images ©2024 Fabio Sgroi 

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Past Euphoria is a personal long–term project focusing on Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania. Fabio's vision insightfully and stunningly captures the sense of doubt that has pervaded these landscapes since the break-up of the Soviet Union and the encroachments of austerity and NATO. Fabio works with black and white film, 35mm as well as a panoramic format. His first-hand account of life as it is lived by the people in these countries is expressed not only in terms both objective and subjective but also poetic. His is a unique vision.

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