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At the beginning of 2014, violent political demonstrations in Bangladesh by right wing opposition allies once again posed a threat to the lives of ordinary citizens. Random use of homemade molotov cocktails on the streets of Dhaka, the capital, resulted in victims being blinded, maimed, and critically injured. The use of these petrol-bombs, hurled at passing vehicles, resulted in 21 deaths on polling day.


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Both the unconscionable violence perpetrated by extremist groups affiliated with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party as well as the opaque and corrupt bureaucracy of the ruling Awami League government that is affiliated with western banks and corporations have endangered everyday people who are now caught up in a dirty political rivalry.


Both parties indulge in convenient rhetoric about democracy, freedom, and human rights... but how useful is any ideology to a burn victim suffering in a hospital bed? Where is Democracy when the people it purports to represent end up dying as the result of simply riding a bus to work? 


One of the victims recovering in the Dhaka Medical Burn Unit said: “Shame on our dirty politics, where power is more important than the welfare of the people. Here in Bangladesh, the people are puppets in the hands of politicians."

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Anik Rahman is a Dhaka-based photojournalist represented by NurPhoto Agency, located in Italy, and Redux                                   Pictures in New York. He has been published in numerous publications both nationally and internationally. His

work was featured in 2014 at the Open Border Festival in Amsterdam and also at the Angkor Photo Festival.

Anik won Honorable Mention in the National Press Photographers Association Competition (NPPA) in 2014, for                                 his portraits of politicians in the Portrait Category. 

You can find more of Anik's moving images at: and

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