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Nicoleta Gabor 

             White Age

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                                                                       ©2023 Nicoleta Gabor 

The aging process is painful in my country. People of "white age" must endure illness and, frequently, loneliness, as well as the humiliation of not being taken into account.
The lack of work makes the younger generations want to emigrate in the hope of a better future. But their parents are left behind with low pensions and no social support. I, myself, had old parents. And I am who I am because of them.
I respect their white hair, their wrinkles, the pain in their eyes. We all should be more gentle, and more patient with them.
They were with us.



Photographs ©2023 Nicoleta Gabor 

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Title. Double click me.

I do photography from instinct. For me it is a must-do, a way I can express myself. I don’t want to tell the viewer what to see or feel while looking at my photographs. The point is to feel something in his or her own way, between one's own limits. If one of my images remains printed on a single retina then it is worth it."


                                                                                                          — Nicoleta Gabor


Title. Double click me.

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