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"I believe it is always necessary to remember and never forget the horrors of the Second World War. This war is important for its survivors in order to describe the darkness and the limits of those who were not capable of acceptance."

                                       — Nicoleta Gabor


Caracas has one of the highest murder rates globally and, since 2008, continues to reel from a flagging economy that is mainly dependent on oil revenue. Venezuela is the original home of 19th-century liberator Simón Bolívar but has barely survived the policies of both Presidents Maduro and Chávez. At street level, livable standards are out of reach for far too many Caracans, and cases of violent crimes committed against ordinary people commonly remain unsolved by police. From 2017...

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“I have never thought of my life as divided between poetry and politics... I am a Chilean who for decades has known the misfortunes and difficulties of our national existence and who has taken part in each sorrow and joy of the people." 

                                            — Pablo Neruda 

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